Senior Full Stack Developer (Javascript)

Job description

We are looking for a motivated and talented Senior Full Stack developer to help us grow the TFA App, expanding its functionalities to suit the needs of labs and digital health providers.

Who are Testing for All?

Testing For All was born out of the pandemic, with the aim of making high quality, lab-based COVID-19 testing accessible and affordable to all. To support this vision, we developed a unique web-based platform, the TFA App, which enabled the reliable delivery of large scale testing, tracking samples from the point of dispatch to receipt at the lab, and returning results to customers. Looking forward, Testing For All is focused on building the next generation of lab connectivity software. Our platform intelligently allocates lab capacity to market demand and tracks samples from order to results delivery, allowing labs and digital healthcare players to optimise their operations

Our goal is to become the go-to software supporting the delivery of high-quality diagnostics in the UK and beyond. We strongly believe that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a lasting impact on the healthcare and the prevalence of the diagnostics industry, and want to continue to play a core part in ensuring the large scale availability of affordable tests.

What does our system do?

The system is designed to enable mass testing for COVID, with a target of testing 1m people in 100 days. It includes the following components:

  • E-commerce: The selling of tests is handled separately in which is a Wordpress/Woocommerce system
  • Shipping: Shipping test kits are handled separately by syncing order information to a shipping system called Veeqo
  • Supports the end to end delivery of our testing service once kits have shipped, from user sign up, to the activation of sample (tying sample ID to an individual user), tracking in the postal system and through to results delivery (incl. reports/certificates)

Our Requirements

We are looking for a motivated and talented developer to help us grow the TFA App, expanding its functionalities to suit the needs of labs and digital health providers. After a year of development, we have reached a level of large scale test processing, with the platform supporting the delivery of c.5,000 tests daily. Whilst continuing to serve our daily testing needs, the TFA App needs to transform further and future proof.

We are also currently bidding on a number of high profile tenders, which could see an acceleration of new features development on the TFA App and ultimately support the delivery of c.20,000 tests a day

Job requirements

Key Skills & Attributes

As a full-stack developer within the team, you will be working to support the growth of the platform and the addition of new features, with a focus on:

  • The development of an orders API to create an open ecosystem capable of taking test orders from various sources

  • The development of a dynamic test allocation system, taking into considerations a number of variables (e.g. lab capacity, test type etc.)

  • The development of an in-app orders fulfilment scanning system to ensure kit traceability

  • Expansion of the organisational dashboard to support the delivery of on-site employee testing

You should be comfortable working with the entire platform which includes all of the technologies listed below. In addition and at specific points in time, we would like to bring in a UX designer to work closely with the dev team on bringing new features to life.
Our in-house dev team will be responsible for the task management and will work in tandem with other developers to peer review the code including tests. To date, we have used test-driven development and would expect all new members to be familiar with that approach. In addition, our co-founder, Kelly will be responsible for establishing business requirements.

The intention is to expand this team based on a number of contracts that we are currently bidding on, with the ideal team size to be 4 talented developers.

Overview of the support tech stack

Programming Language:

  • Node.js / Javascript /  TypeScript


  • postgreSQL
  • Firestore (to be decommissioned)

Web application:

  • React
  • Next.js
  • Node.js
  • Deployment automation


  • Test and application monitoring framework

Integration tests on Selenium:

  • Application monitoring with Sentry

App hosted on:

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Firebase
  • AWS for S3 and Lamda functions only